Live Below The Line: Diary – Day 1

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Live Below the Line is a Oaktree initiative over the years has become the largest youth lead anti-poverty campaign in Australia. Live Below the Line is a 5 day fundraising challenge where you eat on $2 a day or less and get sponsored from all your mates and family to do so.

The $2 a day represents the 1.1 billion people around the world that are living on less than less than $2 AUD per day – which is the equivalent of the extreme poverty line. Many of these people are born into circumstances with limited choices and huge barriers permit them from opportunities.

The money raised goes to the Asia-Pacific as Oaktree believes that it is where they can make their greatest impact, in relation to proximity and need.

Meal 1
150g uncooked oats
2 tbsp coconut milk
1/2 banana

Meal 2
100g uncooked rice
245 g frozen vegetables
2 tbsp coconut milk

Meal 3
100g uncooked rice
250g of bean mix (1x can mixed beans/1x can diced tomatoes/3x potatoes)

Capture d’écran 2015-05-06 à 8.50.49 AM

Day 1
I woke up PUMPED and ready to begin my Live Below the Line Journey!! On Sunday night I had cooked my two staple meals; complex gastronomic marvels which comprised of frozen vegetable cubes and a bean/tomato/potato mix.

So, early on Monday morning I got up to cook my porridge. Now don’t let anyone ever tell you 150g of oats isn’t that much!! I certainly had to think that but realised quickly after having to transfer the mixture into a larger pot. SO MUCH PORRIDGE! But on the upside, it meant that I had enough for breakfast and then extra to take for afternoon tea. NOTE: Always, always, always heat up oats. Solidified, cold, stodgy porridge is rank. It looks and tastes like glue. Don’t do it.

Despite having all of this porridge in the morning though, by 10:30 I was hungry. I held out until 12 when I was able to consume my gourmet lunch which went down a treat.
So day one went well, my favorite meal being the beans and rice. And whilst I was so full from all the carbohydrates (which were also making me rediculously sleepy!), I was still ‘hungry’ for other foods. Notably coffee and dark chocolate.

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