Live Below the Line: Diary – Day 3

Capture d’écran 2015-05-06 à 8.49.45 AM

Half way through!! I heard along the grapevine that Wednesday was going to be the worst of all of the days and no one could be more right!! I came very-nearly-too close to giving up at numerous stages thoughout the day; when a friend offered me some hot chips and then again when I was offered a coffee, A FREE COFFEE!

It is tough. And everytime you can’t have something that you want, it hurts a little. But that hurt makes you think about the people who this is normal to. The people that arent just doing it for 5 days, but their entire lives. I am grateful for the emails that the LBL crew send out daily giving you a good little pep up for those moments you need it most.


The best/worst part of yesterday was having a sleepover with Steph who is also doing LBL, and although we couldnt do normal girly sleepover things like movies, chocolate and popcorn, we got to have our LBL meals together, laugh about it and share struggle.

3 days down, 2 to go. Saturday cant come fast enough!!

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