Yo My Goodness BURGERS!!

Last week I was one of the few blessed individuals 😛 that was invited to the YOMG VIP launch night of their new Glen Waverley store. Now I frequent YOMG probably more often than I care to admit (generally Glenferrie Rd, Malvern) but this store was just a little bit special. Not because the store was all swanky with an open-plan layout with the wall of glory (the yoghurt bar) beckoning you towards the back, not because of the free flowing champagne, not because it was just around the corner from my house (!!!) but because BURGERS. Yes, that is right friends, burgers. And chips, or loaded fries, as they like to call them. And smoothies. So much goodness YoMyGoodness!

Welcomed at the door, my plus one and I were told to enjoy and to order anything we pleased. So, naturally I ordered one of their vegan AND gluten free burgers, call the hipster – of course – some chippies (hold the chicken salt thanks) and a kale and pineapple super blend (aka smoothie).

Now I’ve had a fair whack of gluten free bread myself and generally you know its gluten free – it can have that rubbery, stale texture and just an overall weird flavour. But my hipster burger of ‘pulled mushroom, Asian slaw and cashew nut mayo’ was smushed between two soft buns ready to go. YOMG, you have done very well my friends. The chips were super-dooper-extra-crunchy just the way I like ‘em and the super blend, despite involving kale, didn’t taste very ‘green’ at all – more pina colada than anything.

Pineapple superblend + chips

Pineapple superblend + chips

The Hipster

The Hipster

And just ‘cos we weren’t already full enough we helped ourselves to the froyo taps. I have tried many different froyo places around Melbourne town but YOMG is always always my fav. Their vegan soy berry and soy chai flavours have the best texture by far! And always topped with halva + oreos, other things optional.


YOMG Glen Waverley menu

YOMG Glen Waverley menu

FROYO Baby!!

FROYO Baby!!


To end a fabulous night of eating and mingling (got to be in the vicinity of some of the Insta greats like @jimmysburgers and @theplateproject!!), we were given a take home tub!

Thanks again YOMG for the special invite. You’ll probably get to know my order – its scary how close I live to this fabulous new store! Vegans of Melbourne – be sure to check out the new kid on the block!

YOMG Glen Waverley
Burgers, Shakes & Frozen Yogurt
Ground Floor 65 – 67 Kingsway
Glen Waverley VIC 3150
03 9560 2288


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