Vegan Story – Jessy Wallace

I’m sure you’ve seen the glorious food pics by Jessy all over Instagram and her blog, and now you can read her Vegan Story!! Enjoy x

What caused you to become vegan?

At first it was for my health, trying to manage my anxiety and IBS and not feel so weighed down. Then I watched Cowspiracy and a few other documentaries and realised it was so much more: you can’t block those things from your mind and heart once you’ve seen them.

What was the most challenging part of your transition?

The food part wasn’t too hard, I had already cut out all dairy about three years ago, and once I started making the proper connection, seeing meat being cooked was less “yum” and more just thinking “dead flesh of an animal”. The most difficult part is dealing with people who are either ignorant or want to dish out the criticism but don’t want to listen to the facts.

How do you perceive your life now?

Healthy, full of energy, awake, aware, not the only species on the plant, compassionate.

What helped you through the transition?

Amazing inspiration all over Instagram, and just knowing that the food I was eating wasn’t causing harm to any being.

How do you help the vegan community?

I post a lot of food photos to my Instagram page (@jessy.wallace), hopefully people get some inspiration and ideas from that! I try to spread knowledge subtly, as I know people don’t like confrontation of their habits. I get a fair few messages from non-vegans who I’ve inspired to cut back on their animal product intake, and they also try my recipes with great response. I post most of my recipes to my blog.

What is your favourite vegan recipe?

I could be plain and say that I can’t live without gluten free pasta as that’s a staple! But currently my favourite would have to this Vietnamese rice noodle peanut salad I’ve been making; homemade peanut sauce, rice noodles, cucumber, carrot, mint leaves, lettuce, fried shallots, peanuts, avocado, lime juice… only the best thing in the world!!

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