Vegan Story – Blackfire Vegan

Get to know another passionate Aussie vegan – Blackfire Vegan!!

What caused you to become vegan?
Primarily I became vegan for health reasons. I’d just come from a year of personal disasters, a year of low carb, very low calorie abuse of my body. I’d lost 30kg in less than 6 months. Several people close to me had been diagnosed with either cancer or diabetes and the reality of my own mortality was hitting hard. I decided I didn’t want to do it anymore. I wanted to cherish the body I’d been given.

I went on a google campaign to understand the best thing I could to for my body. Over and over the message was that a diet excluding animal products was the best thing I could do, to heal both my body and my mind. Since I made that decision 2 years ago to become vegan. The longer I was vegan – the more my circle of compassion has increased and now it’s just as much for the animals as it is for me, the planet and for us all.

What was the most challenging part of your transition?

Initially dairy was the biggest issue for me. Not just because I was such a fan of cheese, but because it was so hard to eat out without at least milk/cheese somewhere. I travel a lot for work, so this made it harder and slower than it could have been. I’ve got this down pat now though! I pack snacks, I’ve learnt the places that have food along the highway and I stay in serviced apartments that have a kitchen where I can cook my own food 🙂 (plus I maybe sometimes take my vitamix with me :/)

The lack of support was also hard. But if I’d had realised the breadth of communities available on social media two years ago, it would have been easier!! Regardless of the type of vegan you are – there is a community of like-minded people out there. Go forth and discover it!!

How do you perceive your life now?
There’s been a lot that had happened these passed two years since I became vegan. But knowing that I’m treating my body right, that I’m making the right choices has freed up my focus for other things. I’ve rediscovered myself. I’m reconnecting with my passions and I’m much more active then I’ve ever been before. Every day is an opportunity to improve, to change and to grow.

What helped you through the transition?

Social media without a doubt has been the only way I’ve made it through. I live in a small country town, and I’m sure I’m alone in the crowd. However, I can still talk daily to other vegans and I’m slowly building a group of friends that share my ideals. One day, I’ll have a real life vegan friend that will be as excited about the vegan day out as I am, but for now, I’ll share vicariously through social media.

How do you help the vegan community?

I love showing that veganism is not just possible, but easy. I’ve managed to rustle up a vegan meal at a steakhouse, spend half my time in another city surrounded by strangers and a few non-vegan friends, all without compromising my beliefs. I try to be as active as possible on IG – posting pretty much everything I eat, regardless of how pretty it is, even if it isn’t healthy!!

What is your favourite vegan recipe?

I tend to mostly use a recipe once or twice, then make it from memory and tweak the crap out of it. The only ones I don’t, are cakes and the like, there’s a science behind that stuff and I’m not messing with it! This recipe makes the most amazing fluffy pancakes, I like to eat them with peanut butter and jam or bananas and maple syrup!

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