1. Mister Nice Guys
Mister Nice Guys is a all vegan bakery and is my favorite place to buy something sweet in Melbourne and I have been known to make the 50 minute hike across town just to get some cupcakes. These are the people I use when I need a birthday cake or cupcakes and always get numerous people asking where I got them.
A daily selection of cakes and cupcakes with rotating flavours
Baked New York cheezecake
Peanut butter brownie cheezecake
Bannoffee cheezecake
Grasshopper cheezecake
Cherry cheezecake
Choc chip cheezecake
Quadruple chocolate cheezecake
Black forest cheezecake
Chocolate strawberry cheezecake
Blueberry cheezecake
Cinnamon rolls
Coffee scrolls
Vegemite cheezy scrolls
Polish chocolate babka
Pretzel dogs
Jalapeno cornbread muffins
Sour cream pies
Pumpkin pie
Banana bread
Double chocolate walnut brownie
Revolutionary raw cakes
Texas scones
Baked dounuts

2. La Panella
Alissa and Don eat Australia 3 1197
Vegetarian pasties/pies
Sausage rolls
Coffee scrolls
Apple scrolls
Jam donuts
Chocolate-jam donuts
Apple pies
Apple slices
Fruit slices
Jam tarts
Lemon tarts
Sultana buns
Apple buns
Apricot buns

3. Montromency Bakehouse
All bread (inc. rolls, except cheese/bacon twist)
Jam donuts
Iced jam donuts
Hot cross buns (inc. chocolate)
Fruit buns
Coffee scrolls
Apple scrolls
Blueberry scrolls
Apple logs
Blueberry logs
Cinnamon logs
Boston buns
Vegie pasties

4. Veggie Bakery Box Hill
Whole wheat walnut loaf
Green tea cake
Red bean sticky rice bun
Golden taro bun
Veg ‘pork’ floss seaweed rolls

5. Baker’s Delight
**Each Baker’s Delight is slightly different due to franchising, so check out your local one**
All bread loaves
Turkish bread
Fruit loaves
All bread rolls
Apple scrolls/logs
Coffee scrolls
Apple and walnut scrolls/logs/rings
Finger buns
Jam bunlets
Hot cross buns (fruit only)
Boston buns
Cinnamon log
Fun buns
Fruit buns
Apple and blueberry log
Apple and apricot ring/log
Apple and cinnamon teatime
Berry scroll
Iced fruit bun
Jam scroll/log
Coffee and date roll/log

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