During my time as a vegetarian and vegan, I have spent many hours looking up menus to see if there was anything I could have. After so many years of this I wondered if, like me there were people that were wasting time doing the same thing. Thus, The Vegan Bible was created to indicate which menu items are vegan for some of Melbourne’s most popular restaurants.

*This menu items on this page is subject to frequent change. Always indicate to wait staff you require a vegan meal. If you discover that an item here is not vegan, that a new one is, or would like your favorite restaurant on the list, please email*

1. Chin Chin
DIY Spring Rolls with tofu
Salad of organic silken tofu, banana blossom and thai basil
Steamed Gai Laan and sesame with asian mushrooms
‘Morning Glory’ wok tossed siamese water cress
Aromatic Penang curry
Dry curry ‘pad ped’ with stir fried vegetables
Cucumber pickle with ginger
Steamed jasmine rice
Mixed cress salad with soy roasted nuts
Aromatic yellow curry of roast pumpkin
Chilli plate
Cooling plate
Steamed brown rice
Plate of iceberg lettuce hearts

2. Cookie
Salad bowl with cos, cucumber and tomato
Steamed vegetables with roasted tomato and chilli relish
Spicy cashew, tomato, cucumber and coriander salad
Steamed mushrooms, chilli, coriander and mint salad
Baked pumpkin with coconut ginger and soy
Cabbage rolls filled with shitake mushroom and bean curd
Lotus root salad
Stir fried sweet potato, eggplant with coconut
Oyster mushrooms, asparagus and peas
Chinese broccoli, tofu and salted soy beans
Grilled mushrooms, banana chilli, pumpkin, eggplant and steamed cabbage
Steamed, coconut and sticky rice
Asparagus, avocado and pickled ginger salad
Mushroom and mint relish
Eggplant and ginger blossom relish
Smoked chilli and tomato relish

3. The Cornish Arms
Vegan Americana
Vegan Haloumi
Vegan La Zucca
Vegan Margherita
Vegan BBQ wings
Eggplant chips
ALL vegan pizzas inc. BBQ meat lovers, chilli con carne, hawaiian, verdure
ALL vegan burgers inc. chicken, cheeze and lentil
Vegan parma
Vegan fish and chips
Thai salad
Vegan burrito
Vegan curry
Vegan double down
Vegan souvlaki
Vegan chilli dog

4. The Groove Train
Granola with plant-based milk (no yoghurt)
Fruit salad (no yoghurt)
Toast selection (inc. gluten free)
Forest mushrooms (no cheese)
Hearty vegetarian breakfast (no egg)
Groovy chips
Groovy wedges (no sour cream)
Margherita pizza (no cheese)
Gourmet vegetarian pizza (no cheese)
Groove vegie burger (without egg and potato chips rather than polenta chips)
Garden salad
Pumpkin and spinach focaccia (without fetta)

5. Cafe Di Stasio
Spinach saltati (no parmesan)
Caprese salad (no basil)
Cassuela di ceci
Vedura al forno
Patatine fritte
Fagioli alla calabrese
Insalata mista

6. Barry Coffee and Food
Sourdough/wholegrain/gf toast
Fruit and nut bread (without ricotta)
Crunchy PB and tomato on toast
Coconut chia pudding
Broccolini, kale, avocado (without egg)
Crushed avocado (without fetta)
Eggplant kasundi
Californian superfood salad (without salted ricotta)
Raw falafels
Chilli fries (no aioli)

7. Dukes Coffee Roasters
Smashed avocado (no fetta)
Oat berry and tomato salad (no fetta)
Cucumber salad
Toasted muesli (with plant-based milk rather than yoghurt)
Baked beans

8. Mamasita
Elote callejero (without mayo or queso)
Cuerdas de cebolla
Platanos machos
Black bean tortilla (without queso)
Bunuelos de garbanzos
Ensalada verde
Ensalada de quinoa
Rosa’s rice
Nieve de temporada
Pudin de arroz y coco

9. Naked for Satan
Marinated green olives
Pear, fennel and radicchio salad
Hazelnut and cracked wheat salad
Lemon sorbet (no cava)
Pruneaux a l’armagnac
Roasted smoked paprika and garlic nuts

10. Gingerboy
Vegetable spring roll
Asian mushroom san choi bao
Chilli salt silken tofu
Hot and sour banana flower salad
Streamed silken tofu
Prik Khing curry
Wok fried vegetables
Wok greens
Cucumber, tomato and sesame salad

11. Becco
Mixed olives
Grilled mushroom, barley, spinach and radish insalata
Thin chips
Rocket, fennel and orange salad
Sauteed spinach and chilli

12. Crabapple Kitchen
Mango mimosa
Breakfast spritzer
Toasted bread – seeded, sourdough, rye (no butter)
Natural muesli (with plant based milk)
Avocado on olive toast (no fetta)
Vegetarian ‘big brekky’ (without eggs and ask for margarine with spinach)

13. Longrain
Betel leaf, pomelo, mint, green papaya, peanuts
Japanese pumpkin, sweet corn and green curry
Salt and pepper silken tofu, fried eschalots and sweet soy
Steamed Chinese broccoli (no oyster sauce)
Sweet corn and watercress salad
Jasmine rice

14. Top Paddock
Toast with jam (no butter)
Fruit toast
Oat porridge cooked with plant based milk
House made muesli with poached fruit (no labna, soy milk instead)
Seasonal avocado and sourdough
Grilled broccolini on toast (no eggs)
Baked beans (no egg/cheese)

15. Porgie + Mr Jones
Fruit bread
Porridge (made with soy)
Organic granola (without yoghurt)
Breakfast salad (no egg or labna)
Sides; avocado, tomato relish, kasundi, roast tomato
Bruschetta (no pesto)
Chickpea and cauliflower salad (without fetta)
French fries
Little green salad

16. Santoni
Chopped salad (check dressing)
Italian leaf salad
Beer battered chips
Margherita pizza (no cheese)
Funghi pizza (no cheese)
Vegetariano pizza (no cheese)

17. Pei Modern
Beans and preserved lemon
Jason’s Da’s cucumbers with miso
Leaf salad
Dobson’s chips
Sourdough/fruit toast
Granola (no yoghurt)

18. Saigon Sally
Banh Khot
Rice crepes
Eggplant XO
Steamed rice
Pumpkin and tofu

19. The B East
The Morrisey burger

20. The Spice Temple
Cabbage and radish pickle
Cucumbers with smashed garlic and ginger pickle
Peanuts with aged balsamic vinegar
Sichuan pickled cucumber and shitake mushrooms
Spinach and sesame salad
Handmade vegetarian noodles (ensure no egg)
Fried rice Yunnan style
Steamed rice
Hot pot of wild Chinese mushrooms
Asian greens stir fried with garlic
Stir fried mushrooms
Chinese broccoli (no oyster sauce)
Cold shredded potato with coriander and vinegar dressing

21. The Baker’s Wife
Fruit toast
The Wild Granola (without yoghurt, use plant-based milk)
The Wife’s breakfast (no eggs, no haloumi)
The avocado (without ricotta)

22. Cumulus Inc.
Fried cauliflower (check no egg/dairy in batter)
Cracked wheat and fresh salad
Heirloom zucchini and preserved lemon salad
Mixed summer leaves
Roast potatoes
Toast and spreads
Coconut rice, fresh mango and lime
Bowl of cherries/half mango cheek

23. Brighton School House
The nutrition bomb smoothie
The grass is greener smoothie
All ‘daily breads’
Sides – spinach, tomato, mushrooms, avocado and kale
Encino man paleo muesli (with plant-based milk)
Heirloom tomatoes (no ricotta)
FOMO pasta
Ancient grains salad
Balsamic baby beets (no goat’s cheese)
Artichoke salad (no labne)

24. Touche Hombre
Street corn (no pecorino or mayo)
Guacamole (no pico de gallo)

Bean tacos
Eggplant taco (no mayo)
Veg burrito (no pico de gallo)

25. Stantucci’s
santucci's lightbox.cdr
Wild mushrooms and white truffle oil on toast
Fig, pear and walnut loaf (no butter)
Cauliflower and quinoa salad
Seasonal salad sandwich (with no mayo)
Roast veggies sandwich (no fetta/pesto)

26. Proud Mary
Fig and apricot toast (no marscarpone or honey)
Watermelon salad (no yoghurt)
Avocado on toast (no ricotta)
Braised lentils

27. Hu Tong Dumpling Bar
Vegetable dumplings
Vegetarian spring rolls
Fresh cucumber in garlic
Fungus with dark vinegar
Eggplant with black pepper sauce
Shanghai bok toy with mushroom
Chinese broccoli in garlic
Sauteed spinach/snow peas in garlic sauce
Fresh lettuce (garlic sauce)
Sauteed vegetables and beancurd)
Vegetarian fried rice (no egg)
Steamed rice

28. Servery and Spoon
servery and spoon
Slow roasted tomatoes (without feta)
Warm puy lentil salad (without goats cheese)
Vegan pastries (FRIDAYS only)

29. Miss Chu
Vegan rice paper rolls
Vegan banh cuon dumplings
Vegan Asian vegetable and garlic chive dumplings
Vegan mushroom vermicelli salad/steamed rice
Vegan green papaya salad
Vegan pho
Vegan curry

30. 8 Days
Toast (no butter)
Fruit bread (no butter)
Fruit salad (no yoghurt)
Avocado on sourdough (no feta)
Quinoa salad (with no yogurt dressing, sub for balsamic)
Beetroot and farro salad (no cheese)
Fat chips/fries (no aioli)
Selected baguettes/sandwiches/wraps (no cheese/mayo)
Hummus (no spicy capsicum dip)
Mediterranean salad
Wok tossed Thai vegetables

31. Fonda Mexican
Charred corn (no aioli or queso)
Chipotle chips (no aioli)
Tortilla crisps
Portabello and shitake mushroom quesadillas (without cheese)
Mex-Bim-Bap (add mushroom or soyrizo)
Green Goddess (without aioli) add mushroom or soyrizo)
Vegan portabello and shitake mushroom tacos
Soyrizo burrito

32. Hellenic Republic
Hellenic-Republic Logo
Kolokithaki salad
Kipriaki salata (without yoghurt)
Tiganites patates
Domates gemites

33. Rockpool Bar and Grill
House chopped salad
Beetroot salad (no fetta)
Wood fired vegetables (no tzatziki)
Grilled polenta (no saganaki)
Organic carrots
Boiled mixed greens
Wood fired broccoli (no anchovy dressing)
Radicchio side salad

34. Rosetta
Funghi marinati (no pecorino)
Insalata di finocchi
Fagioli verdi
Frutti di bosco
Lemon and raspberry gelati *ensure no egg*

35. Little Big Sugar Salt
Acai bowl
Freekakes (no egg)
Honey puffs
Rainbow roots (no egg)

36. Wonderbao
Choi bao
Tro bao
Fried silky tofu gua bao
Homemade organic soya milk

37. Little Creatures Dining Hall
Rosemary and garlic pizza
Pumpkin pizza (no cheese)
Mushroom pizza (no cheese)
Mixed nuts
Chips (no aioli)
Hummus and dukkah dip
Lentil dahl (no yoghurt)
Charred corn cobs (no butter)
Spring vegetables
Garden salad

38. The Grain Store
Mango, chia and coconut pudding
Elderflower watermelon and summer fruit (no jello)
Toast/gf/fruit bread with sides
Vegan falafels
Cos hearts salad (no cheese)
Fries (no aioli)
Zucchini salad
Fire grilled vegetables (no yoghurt)

39. Coda
Eggplant and tofu lettuce delight
Wok tossed morning glory
Coda claw
Heart of palm salad
Wok fried bok choy
Pomme frites

40. Oasis Bakery
Archie’s avocado (no eggs/fetta/yoghurt)
House baked beans + toast
Super food smash
Falafel or vegetarian kebbeh shawarma
Shawarma add ins (garlic sauce, hommus, pickled cabbage, jalapeños etc)
Falafel and salad
Quinoa tabouli

41. Bouchee
Fruit bread
Fruit salad (no yoghurt)
AGST toast (no goats cheese)
Roast pumpkin sandwich (no cheese)
Tabbouleh salad
Roast pumpkin and couscous salad
Wedges (no sour cream)

42. Sapore
Bruschetta (no cheese)
Asparagus (no cheese)
Rocket salad (no parmesan)

43. Pillar of Salt
Citrus fruit salad
Organic wholegrain porridge
Smashed avocado
Mediterranean wholegrain salad (no yoghurt dressing)
Californian superfood salad (no cheese)

43. Sardi Cafe
Acai smoothie bowl
Sardi granola
Mushroom ragout on toast (no cheese/eggs)
Superfood breakfast bowl (no eggs)
Roasted cauliflower salad (no feta)
Sweet potato fries

44. Rice Paper Scissors
Asian greens
Vegetarian steamed buns
Vegetarian betel leaf
Vegetarian mini vietnamese baguette
Vegetarian yam muu krob
Vegetarian nuea nam tok

45. Kong BBQ
Rice cracker
Nasu miso
Peanut butter salt and pepper tofu bun (no mayo)
Vegetarian fried rice
BBQ zucchini salad
Cucumber salad
Dashi poached spinach
Silken tofu
Roast pumpkin (no egg)
BBQ corn (no butter)

46. The Kettle Black
Toast (no butter)
Coconut yoghurt and grains
Avocado with citrus
Fruit toast
Local mushroom (no curd)
Heirloom tomato (no burrata)
Mixed beans with tomato sauce

47. Hammer & Tong
Pina colada pudding (no jello)
Leaf salad
Salted cucumber salad
Vegetable salad (no puree)
Garlic shoots
Charred broccoli stem salad (no cream)
Sweet and sour aubergine

48. Auction Rooms Cafe
Fruit salad (no labne [check praline])
Lentil tagine (no fetta or egg)
Blown rice salad
Sides; heirloom tomatoes, avocado, tomato chutney.

49. 3 Bags Full
Panfried mushrooms (no cheese [ensure no butter])
Smashed avocado (no fetta)
Braised beans (no fromage frais + swap corn bread for toast)
Veggie breakfast (no eggs)
Greens and grains salad
Falafel pita (no yoghurt)
Mixed berry smoothie
All juices

50. Sarti
Carote e ricotta (no ricotta)
Fennel & mixed leaf salad, orange, sunflower seed
Sauteed broccoli, garlic and oil

51. Grossi Florentino
Blonde kalamata olives
All sides (check for no added dairy)
Iceberg salad
Panzanella salad
Roast potatoes

52. Red Spice Road
Stir fried asian vegetables (no oyster sauce)
Grilled eggplant (no egg)
Wok tossed fried tofu
Green curry
Jasmine rice

53. The Russell
Trio of dips (only hommus)
Vegan lentil stack
Quinoa salad
Thick cut chips (no aioli)
The Russell salad (no feta)

54. Mesa Verde
Tortilla chips and salsas
Watermelon salad
House made chips (no mayo)
Taro chips (no queso fresco)
Grilled corn (no mayo/cheese)
Tomato taco (no cheese)
Mt Zero farro salad (no ricotta)

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