Make Peace with Your Plate is an inspirational autobiography and guide written by the amazing Jess Ainscough who during her early twenties has battled cancer. Although rather than using toxic and damaging treatment options such as chemo therapy, Jess chose to fight naturally and with the use of the power of fresh produce.

Crazy, Sexy, Kitchen is written by Kris Carr who similarly to Jess Ainscough battled cancer the vegan way. This recipe book shows you how to make delicious, sexy vegan food that will save your health.

Through many, many years of research within China and the world, hence The China Study, it has been revealed that eating animal products severely increases the risk of developing cancer. This book aims to highlight the copious risks accompanying a omnivorous diet and you will never see cancer the same way.

My favourite cookbook! This bad boy is filled with dark humor, swearing and countless jokes which makes every cooking experience a laugh and a half.

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