Vegan Heroes

Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd is a non-for-profit conservation organization whose primary aim is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s ocean to conserve and protect the eco systems for the future generations. Sea Shepherd involves direct-action tactics which are used to investigate, document and take action when necessary in order to expose and put a stop to illegal activities at sea.

Sea Shepherd’s founder Paul Watson was born in Canada and was a conservationist from a young age; known to confiscate leg-hold traps, disrupt hunters and prevent boys from shooting birds. Watson was one of the co-founders of the Greenpeace Foundation and it was her that i saw the horrific things happening to the sea life and began Sea Shepherd in 1977.

**Im excited to say that I am currently in the application process to volunteer for Sea Shepherd so you will be hearing a lot more about this amazing organisation soon!**


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals attempts to protect the rights of Animals in Australia. PETA’s mantra is that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on or use for entertainment in any way. And hence the four main areas that PETA focuses on are laboratories, factory farms, the clothing trade and entertainment industry.

Creator of PETA is Ingrid Newkirk and English woman who through her work with animal-disease control she learnt about the shocking ways that the animals were treated. Interestingly, Ingrid’s second husband was a member of the Sea Shepherd conservation society and worked on their first ship. It was this that inspired her to create PETA. PETA was originally 5 of Ingrid’s friends who were part of a local vegetarian society. Today PETA is the world’s largest body for animal rights activist and has saved the lives of millions of animals.

Edgar’s Mission
Edgar’s Mission is a Victorian (based in the Macedon Ranges) not-for-profit organisation which offers a home to farm animals that would otherwise be used as food or killed for not adequately meeting the horrendous demands placed on them by humans. The farm sanctuary currently houses 300 rescued animals.
It was Pam Ahern who began Edgar’s Mission, named after her first rescued pig – Edgar, and she is part of the revolution that is erupting calling people to be more conscious eaters, fully aware of where their food comes from. Edgar’s Mission provides the public with the opportunity to meet these animals.

Oscar’s Law
Oscars Law is a petition to abolish the factory farming of companion animals, ban the sale of companion animals from pet shops or online trading sites and to promote adoption through rescue groups or shelters. Having always adored dogs and having two myself, the thought of puppy farming, similar to any mass produced animal farming, makes me feel physically ill. No animal, no matter what type, should not have to live confined in cages. Currently there are hundreds of puppy factories in Australia confining thousands of dogs, and the worst thing is – its legal! The public are misled by the media and the pet shops and think that their puppy has come from a loving environment. Help by joining the petition and advocating for the abolition of puppy farms!

Freelee the Banana Girl & Durian Rider

After many years of abusing her body through food, alcohol and drugs, Freelee decided it was time to change something and took the advice of her Yoga teacher to go vegan. After meeting her partner, fellow vegan Durian Rider, a e-book, Youtube channel and empire of ‘fruit bats’ was created which promoted the Raw Till 4 diet. Both Freelee and Durian Rider make regular Youtube videos which highlight their choices and their lifestyles on this diet. Today both have an epic following whilst promoting the cruelty free lifestyle and together they have changed the lives of thousands.

Loni Jane
Another raw vegan – Loni Jane has taken the world by storm making raw veganism known to hundreds of thousands of people and proving that you can successfully raise a healthy child on a vegan lifestyle. Loni is leading by example and is a gorgeous soul whom we are proud to call a part of the vegan community.
Capture d’écran 2015-01-18 à 10.06.10 PM
^^Loni Jane’s son Rowdy at 8 weeks^^

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau
Colleen is at the forefront of change in regards to the vegan community and is the force behind the 30 Day Vegan challenge. I took part in the challenge a few years ago before going fully vegan to see if I could last without animal products completely. As you can imagine, I felt better than ever; had more energy, my skin cleared up and I wasn’t as tired as I used to be. Throughout the challenge Colleen sends you daily inspirational reminders, helpful videos and vegan recipes to get you started. The most useful part about the joyful vegan website is that she has made numerous podcasts in which she chats about the transitioning period (particularly for teenagers like I was!) and how to deal with numerous social situations. I can honestly say that without the virtual support of Colleen, I would not be where I was today – she is a true vegan hero.

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